A Clipping Path, or deep etch of a two-dimensional image is simply known as the extraction of the said image object or product from its background. In Photoshop image editing, this is achieved by containing only the image object(s), either simple or complex inside the boundaries of the path and omitting everything else that is outside the path. This leaves you with the desired output image without the image background. The method of applying a clipping path is also highly related to the services regarding background removal of images[internal link: background removal] Clipping path technique is still one of the best ways to extract image from background. No other alternative technique can quite match up to this technique, hence its wide usage in almost every image editing service provider. It is often necessary to remove background from an image, especially when we want to place the extracted image object in a different background. After extraction of image object, we may also want to consider transforming extracted image object into different shapes.

Clipping path service is one of the most popular professional services in the world among all other Photoshop image editing services. Providing the best quality service for all our customers is of paramount significance. We make sure that we reflect our promise and excellence through our multiple years of experience in providing the finest quality Photoshop clipping path service. We have the best experience in handling and providing our customers clipping path services for images in bulk with fast completion time and unbeatable prices.

Photoshop software is used to implement clipping path of an image, specifically the Photoshop Pen tool. In our Photoshop clipping path service, we carry out clipping paths for single image objects as well as multiple clipping path services.

Multiple clipping path is a more arduous type of clipping path compared to its normal counterpart. Here, multiple paths are considered when carrying out the clipping path on the image. In this case, the service provided can account for more image objects with respect to varying image backgrounds. Through this service, we can combine multiple instances of image objects from different sources, without the client worrying about the cost and time to carry out separate photography sessions for each instance. This is good for total recreation of the desired product, or modifications to suit our client’s needs.

Our services in multiple clipping path enable us to apply various changes and effects to images in order to obtain the desired product results. Such changes can be as simple as changing the color choice or shade of an image object. This may also include adding extra effects in color, contrast or shade. Image transformations may also include image rotation, sizing, cropping, changing contrast and opacity etc. in short, this proves to be a very effective photo enhancement technique. Our customers can fully rely on us to provide the most unparalleled yet best quality of multiple clipping path service for an attractive time and price.

Clipping path facilities are often required by many individuals and group of individuals or companies worldwide. People who work closely with photography, design, advertisement, billboards and printing companies have such special requirements from our service. Our service also cater for several catalog companies who may need to include thousands of images into their catalog products and hence needing to create clipping paths for effective background removal. In such cases, multiple clipping paths are required for the best results. We also extend our services to several web development companies in need to image publishing into websites.

Our specialists in graphics design team ensure that they provide the best facilities regarding clipping path of images. In order to provide the best quality of a clipping path, the Photoshop pen tool is used to manually draw all the clipping paths. The clipping path is finally applied to the image once the drawing of the path is complete using the tool. Every portion of the image that is inside the path is provided, and the best quality is ensured by excluding all the parts that are outside the path. This enables us to include a new background to the product, or let the client choose a color for background. Images can also be provided in several desirable formats for the total flexibility option for the customer.

Our guarantee is to provide 100% accurate results in all the image clipping path that we provide in our services for our customer. We achieve that by having the most experienced of specialists who are incredibly dedicated in providing the best clipping paths. We also include a system where all work and service products are heavily checked before it reaches the hands of our beloved customers. The checking system is backed up by a dedicated group of people including the team leader all the way down to the individual checker. Quality clipping path service is what we provide for you, and we always aim to be the best clipping path service provider that you can be proud of!