Image masking is a very basic image processing procedure which involves removing or stripping the background of an image for the purpose of extracting or detaching the object out from the image. This process enables us to modify the background of an image or completely remove backgrounds which include blurry portions or thin hair strand like edges. The result is the object of an image standing out with total clarity to the viewer or customer. Achieving such a result is of total importance for maximizing advertisement and publicity of your service to the customers.

When image masking is applied effectively, the advantages of the process can be seen exclusively. It is also very easily done in Photoshop hence we don’t have to be go through the tiresome process of masking images manually. Although, for much more complex cases, it is not an easy job for even professionals.

Image masking service can be used for a very wide variety of purposes. It is highly used in modifying semi-transparent or clear object images like glass, smoke and highlights. It is also very highly used for advertising by companies and offices, especially for highlighting brand images and models representing companies. Even in nature photography, the resulting images need to go through several image masking applications in order to glorify and beautify every object and scenery including animals, flowers, plants and natural landscapes. Also, to boost sales of jewelry items, the jewelers have to get the help of image masking in order to provide good jewelry designs. Image masking services can also be very useful in photos used in high quality billboards, brochures, magazines and so on.

When it comes to complex images occurring very often in most cases, background removal in order to achieve the best quality image masking can be a very complicated task to handle. Because of that, we have a team of our very best image processing professionals who work with utmost dedication and accuracy in order to provide quality image masking services for our customers. Our image masking service not only provides the best quality, but we also provide it as affordable masking services with unbeatable prices currently in the market.

When it comes to very complex or sophisticated images, soft masking can be a very well-known method to apply for image masking as an initial phase. It is a simple technique which involves selecting or clarifying the main object of the image that contain real color contrast by first applying a soft mask. Soft masking is applied on the complex images when the Photoshop pen tool cannot be used any further to extract the image from the background. Hence in soft masking, different tools for image masking are used to isolate image from background.

Image masking using channel masking or alpha channels is applied when the edges of the image are not sharp or not well defined. Simple clipping path technique is not enough to extract the image from background. In this technique, the backgrounds involved are usually transparent or white or even a separate layer in psd format. It is a really good solution for removing the backgrounds from rather complex images by saving both time and cost. Images that involve small strand-like objects, hair or fur can easily be removed or extracted from the background using channel masking.

We choose Photoshop layer masking as one of its most useful image masking feature in order to provide you the best quality image masking service. In Photoshop layer masking, the transparency of an image layer is manipulated so that it contains only monochromatic colors between black and white. When adding a layer mask on top of the image, we can control the visibility of the image. Layer masking also has the option for reverting back to the original state of the image if the manipulation needs to be cancelled or a new edit needs to be done.

When it comes to providing the best quality in image editing, a brilliant service is mandatory. Image masking is one of the most advanced image manipulation methods. And so it is always the ideal initiative to hire the very best and most experienced and creative professionals to get the best results. Our professionals are highly dedicated in all services they provide, and they are highly trained to provide the best quality of image masking service. We have many years of experience in the image editing industry and hence we know how to handle the most challenging image masking tasks. We provide the necessary customer support for our service even after delivery. Every image edited is taken under several steps of revisions and corrections before we provide you the final delivery to ensure the best of what we can provide for you. And above all we provide the best quality of image masking service with an affordable price in the market even with our dedicated team of highly trained professionals at your service.