Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is the process or technique used popularly in day-to-day image editing where several retouches or manipulations are made in order to remove all imperfections or flaws and make the image ready for final presentation in various applications. These so-called manipulations may involve a task as simple as removing face marks or pimples from a model’s face image or improving the complexion of an image, to even more complex fixes like changing the subject of an image, merging several subjects together or changing appearances completely according to client needs.

You can trust us to provide you the best quality photo retouching service. We duly recognize the importance of providing a quality result while maintaining originality of an image when we apply necessary retouching techniques. This is very important because as our most respected clients, you do not wish to receive results that are too highly derailed from the original. Our photo retouching experts are highly experienced to maintain such standards and specifications. You can see the remarkable results for yourself by using our before-and-after test comparisons that are provided after every photo retouch is done.

Renovate Graphics superior photo retouching services include::
• Correct Tone & Exposure Color
• Dust Texture Removal
• Rebuilding & Recreating Images
• Refining & Polishing Images
• Fashion Photo Retouching & Restoration
• Brightness Enhancement & Shadow Highlight Adjustment
• Blur Grain Treatment
• Red Eye Removal
• Restoration of Missing Areas of an Image
• Color Cast Removal
• Perform Graphic Surgery to Eliminate Cracks or Rips

In addition to making necessary changes or retouches to give an image a refreshing new look, there is often a need to restore or regenerate an image that has lost much of its looks or touch due to age and time. A perfect moment or memory that was once captured with love can be once again relived by such photo restoration services. We recognize the importance of preserving precious memories, and our service aims to provide the maximum facility of restoring an image to a more acceptable state without losing its original touch. Damage to an image may not only be caused by age and time, but also can be damaged for natural, environmental or physical causes.

We use a wide variety of image editing techniques to eradicate visible damages, marks and effects of aging from digital images. Parts of the original image may be torn, burnt or just missing, and we can also fix that by using advanced graphics editors. We also remove any sign of dirt marks, scratches, dot marks and other visible damage marks by manual retouching and thorough paint overs. We also adjust the color contrast or sharpening in order to restore the looks of the original image whenever necessary. We not only work wonders on your photos through our photo restoration service, but also give you the satisfaction of getting back your precious memories through your newly retouched images by our professionals.

This is a very special photo retouching service for anyone who is involved in the jewelry business. It is of high priority for such businesses to increase their product’s appeal to their customers. Their jewelry products need to be showcased in a very attractive and appealing manner to catch the attention of their customers. Thousands of jewelry images are used in their advertisements in order to call out to their customers, and each of these product images needs to be refined and retouched to its highest possible quality. And that’s where we come to the rescue.

Our jewelry retouching services cater for all kinds of jewelry images including metals and gemstones. Our retouching professionals have the required intense knowledge that can handle the most critical of jewelry retouching. They can provide services like dust removal, image sharpening, color modification, clipping, shadow, improve reflections, improve brightness and polishing.

We have the most creative professional photo retouching service providers who are dedicated in giving high end photo retouching services with the utmost passion and quality in mind. Our service benefits many of the professional photo studios, fashion agencies, advertisement campaigns, magazines and individuals who need a professional yet creative approach to their pictures. We make sure that our before and after results show you the most optimistic feedback that you can see for yourself from customer reactions. Our high end photo retouching experts use the most effective retouching techniques in order to give you the best quality. Wherever deemed necessary, we adjust the color, lighting, facial and body sculpturing and skin texture.

Whenever a headshot needs to be included as the face or representative of your company brand, or as a model in your fashion agency or as a representation for any other branding and advertising purpose, you can come to us and get necessary headshot photo retouching services done in minimum time and cost with the best quality and results. Our services of such include removing any obvious facial marks, spots, scars, blemishes, any stray hairs, bags or circles under eyes, teeth whitening, fairness and brightness, contrast, color corrections. We will make sure that your desired headshot stands out in the crowd with our excellent professional retouching service.