Neck Joint/ Ghost Mannequin

Garments product line or clothing is one of the most popular sold products through online markets whether it is by individual sellers or industry. The most important aspect of e-commerce marketing is the showcasing of all online products with a direct aim of making them look more appealing or attractive. In case of selling garments products online, one type of very useful service that is required by most selling customers is neck joint service, or more commonly known as Photoshop ghost mannequin service. It is a very effective method of manipulating the product image in order to be looking more direct, enhanced, new, interesting, inspiring and appealing.

The general idea is that normally when clothes are displayed in the physical shops, they are often put on mannequins before the display window. Doing the same is somewhat impractical when considering sales online. In fact, to display the same product online for sale, the mannequin has to be removed from the product image, and further manipulation can be done by using neck joint service. This can bring about a more real look to the garments product for display on online shops or catalogues.

The process of removing the mannequin and then applying neck joint is not always an easy task. In most skills, it requires special set of skills by expert editors. Not only the mannequin portion of the product image has to be completely clipped or removed from the image, but also the overall image needs further enhancement for a perfect top-notch exhibition on online stores.

In order to prepare for a proper display of a garments product, photographers usually take several photos of the product including frontal, side, back and inner views of the clothing piece. All the image shots are then joined up together by the special use of Adobe Photoshop image editing software. In Photoshop, several layers can be created on the image in order to create the Photoshop ghost mannequin effect. The background layer is removed by the use of Photoshop pen tool, which needs to be done by expert hands of professionals who are specialized in providing the very best results through Photoshop ghost mannequin service. By applying inverse on the image, the edges can be refined. The back view can then be used to create the view that will be seen from the front of the product which is essentially the inner view of the clothing piece which may represent the tag name or brand of the product. This is also very important for maximum exposure of the product in the online marketplace.

On top of applying neck joints with use of several views of the image, further manipulations are made to the image in order to enhance the customers’ visualization of the product. Several intensifying yet appropriate objects may be added to the image, while some other undesirable portions may be removed. A perfect ghost mannequin effect of the product image may not have any kind of imperfections like visible dirt, crease lines etc. hence these are also removed from the image. Also if necessary, several more vital improvements in color, brightness, lighting, contrast and aspect ratio can be made so that the there is no room for dissatisfaction by the customer is left. All kinds of manipulations are also done with keeping in mind not to stray from the originality of the product image.

The application of Photoshop ghost mannequin effect can be carried out effectively on several brands and types of garments products including- shirts, jackets, sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, frocks, women’s lingerie, trousers, jeans and so on. The service is regularly demanded by several interested individual sellers and corporate businesses who deal with garments products in some way. Specially today in the age of internet, it is highly required by anyone who has set up an online store for selling clothes wear. Several fashion entities such as magazines, photographers and agencies have a high need of applying neck joint service to all their clothing products. Newspapers as well as certain printing agencies may also need to showcase several products that are in need in the service.

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